Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frankie Goes to Italy, Part One

My father, an 88 year old World War II veteran of the US Army, is returning to Europe this summer. It will be his very first time back on European soil since he fought for the USA in England, France, Belgium and Germany from 1944 to the end of World War II in 1945.

Today, we tried to turn in his US Passport Application at his local post office; it was a quiet morning, nobody was in line, but the Postmaster for his PO was in a "testy" mood, shall we say, and told us we would HAVE to make an appointment. We're going back tomorrow morning at 10:15 am, with bells on. {to accomodate Mr. Grouchy Postmaster, I had to re-schedule a long-awaited appointment with my migraine specialist, but WHAT-E-VER}

In my next post, I will give you Frank's FAMILY BACKGROUND, which will explain why "Frankie Goes to Italy" is such an enormous event in his life ... in all his relative's lives.

More later!

-- Frank's daughter